package http

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Type Members

  1. trait CORSSupport extends AnyRef


  2. class OmiConfigExtension extends Extension with AgentSystemConfigExtension
  3. trait OmiNode extends AnyRef
  4. class OmiNodeCLI extends Actor with ActorLogging

    Command Line Interface for internal agent management.

  5. class OmiNodeCLIListener extends Actor with ActorLogging
  6. class OmiServer extends OmiNode
  7. trait OmiService extends CORSSupport with WebSocketOMISupport with OmiServiceAuthorization

    this trait defines our service behavior independently from the service actor

  8. trait OmiServiceAuthorization extends ExtensibleAuthorization with LogPermissiveRequestBeginning with IpAuthorization with SamlHttpHeaderAuth with AllowConfiguredTypesForAll with AuthApiProvider with LogUnauthorized
  9. class OmiServiceImpl extends OmiService

    Actor that handles incoming http messages

  10. class RequestStore extends Actor with ActorLogging
  11. trait WebSocketOMISupport extends AnyRef

    This trait implements websocket support for O-MI message handling using akka-http

Value Members

  1. object Boot

    Starting point of the stand-alone program.

  2. object CLICmds

    Object that contains all commands of InternalAgentCLI.

  3. object OmiConfig extends ExtensionId[OmiConfigExtension] with ExtensionIdProvider
  4. object OmiNodeCLI
  5. object OmiServer
  6. object RequestStore